I hate my brain. Strong words, I know, but it is the only way to say it. My brain is constantly telling me that I am young man. Not like 18 years old or anything, that would be a total nightmare. More like early 30's. The problem lies in the fact that when I let my brain tell me I can still do the things I used to when I was that age, my body immediately signals me that this is not the case. On occasion it even reminds me for many days.

I am ready. Plug me in, mate.


Two Days After

It's been two days since my Birthday. The plan was to write every day so of course as soon as I state that I miss a day.

I read today that scientists have determined that Alzheimer's patients are deficient in Vitamin D. Yet another reason for me to move to more sunny climes. I'm thinking Arizona or at the very least southern California. The decision will be money-based of course, since I am not in the one percent group. Another option would be the the Central Valley area of California as the median summer temperatures hover in the 90 to 100 degree range. Of course I might just croak before any of these grand plans come to fruition.


Number 58

As I am sure you are all aware, today is my Birthday. I plan to celebrate with a few friends at an establishment across the avenue, sipping some amber liquid. Since I am turning 58, I though it best to start off my new birth year in this manner.

I have decided to make an effort to post here daily now. I have no real reason for this decision, other than it might be a way to get a bit of stuff out of my head and into the inter-space. I have no idea what will come out, but it should be fun.

I had a Boss once who gave me a bit of advice. He told me that he never made New Year's resolutions, instead using his Birthday as a starting point. In particular He was referring to his work out regimen. "Ankle, I make it a point to be in better shape on my next Birthday than my last one", he said to me. I took this to heart and have been following this plan for the last decade. I'm turning 58 today and look pretty great for my age. Here's to another two/three decades...


Good Morning!

Trying out new app. It's cold today, these old bones are creaky!